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Abu Dhabi ISIS Recruitment Cell: 2017 Updates (Part II)


'We're young, unmarried; want to return to mainstream' - Two Islamic State suspects plead guilty before Delhi court

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 (Zee News)

New Delhi: Two suspected members of the dreaded terror outfit Islamic State (IS) on Wednesday moved an application before a court here, pleading guilty to the charges levelled against them. Sheikh Azhar-ul-Islam alias Abdul Sattar Sheikh and Mohammed Farhan alias Mohammed Rafiq  Shaikh have pleaded guilty to the charges before District Judge Amar Nath. The judge has listed the matter for April 10. The court has asked National Investigation Agency (NIA) to file a reply on the plea.

What's the case?

The NIA had arrested Sheikh, Farhan and Adnan Hassan alias Mohammad Hussain in January last year for involvement in a conspiracy to identify, motivate and radicalise, recruit and train Indians in the country as well as other countries. Both Sheikh and Farhan in their application said they were remorseful for the alleged acts. They told the court they are of young age and unmarried, and that "we want to return to the main stream and be productive for the society and want to rehabilitate ourselves".

"The applicants (Sheikh and Farhan) are pleading guilty without any pressure, threat, coercion or undue influence," they said. "It is, therefore, most respectfully and in the interest of justice, prayed that the plea of guilt of the applicants may kindly be taken and after the sentence of the accused, they be directed to be transferred to their parent state prison for serving the sentence," the application stated, which was moved by their counsel M.S. Khan.

Sheikh Azhar hails from Jammu and Kashmir and Farhan and Hassan are residents of Maharashtra and Karnataka, respectively.

2 men plead guilty to working for IS in India, sentenced to 7 years in jail

Updated: Apr 21, 2017 15:39 IST (Hindustan Times)

A special court on Friday awarded seven years in jail to two men after they pleaded guilty of criminally conspiring to raise funds and recruiting people for the Islamic State (IS). District judge Amar Nath convicted 24-year-old Azhar-ul- Islam from Jammu and Kashmir and 25-year-old Mohammed Farhan Shaikh from Maharashtra, following their U-turn more than a month after the court framed charges against them.

The accused had moved an application through advocate MS Khan saying they “are remorseful of the acts alleged against them. There is no prior criminal record against them and they want to join the mainstream and want to be productive for the society and want to rehabilitate themselves”.
“The applicants are pleading guilty without any pressure, threat, coercion or undue influence,” the plea had said. The court had last month framed charges against both the accused and 36-year-old Adnan Hassan for allegedly hatching a criminal conspiracy to raise funds for the ISIS,as the Islamic State is otherwise known, and recruiting people for the terror outfit. The trial against Hassan is continuing separately before the same court.

The court had framed the charges for alleged offences of criminal conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code and under provisions of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had registered a case against the three accused on January 28 last year. They were arrested the next day on arrival here from Abu Dhabi. According to the probe agency, Hassan and Shaikh had been frequently visiting the UAE in connection with jobs since 2008 and 2012 respectively, while Islam had gone to join them in the UAE in July, 2015. Hassan was earlier allegedly affiliated to the Indian Mujahideen and later became inclined towards IS, it alleged.

The charge sheet filed by NIA had claimed that the accused persons, in connivance with other known and unknown associates, had hatched a criminal conspiracy to propagate the ideology, recruit persons, raise funds and facilitate the travel of those recruited to Syria to join the ISIS and further its activities. The final report said that in furtherance of the conspiracy, the accused had created multiple email IDs, used multiple mobile numbers obtained from their associates from different countries, formed various online forums and groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, VKontakte, Viber and Skype, using the internet and invited and associated like-minded persons, residents of different countries.

“The accused had formed a terrorist gang and acted as a frontal group of the ISIS and incited, motivated, invited and facilitated people of different nationalities to leave their respective countries and travel to Syria to join, support and further activities of the ISIS,” it alleged.

The agency said the accused persons were actively involved in perpetuating, promoting and propagating ideologies and terrorist activities of the Islamic State. “They had voluntarily advocated and professed to be the supporters and members of the ISIS and actively supported, invited support from others, propagated and promoted unlawful activities and terrorist activities of the ISIS by exhorting, inciting, luring and influencing others to become members of this organisation by disseminating incriminating contents including sharing comments, pages, videos, images, literature and openly endorsing, justifying and glorifying the terrorist acts of the ISIS,” the NIA had claimed.
“They had also raised, collected and received funds in the UAE and transferred it to their associates in India, the Philippines and Tunisia to facilitate their travel to Syria to join ISIS,” the agency said.

Can't believe Farhan Shaikh was part of terror group: Kin

Apr 22, 2017 (Times of India)

THANE: A silence descended on the Natekars fourth-floor residence in Mumbra's Kausa area after they came to know that Mohammad Farhan Shaikh was convicted and sentenced to seven years in jail on Friday for being an ISIS member.

26-year-old Shaikh was living in the Dubai apartment of his maternal uncle, Samir Natekar, when he was picked up and deported to India in January 2016. On Friday , he was convicted by the NIA special court in New Delhi for being members of the terrorist outfit ISIS, recruiting like-minded people and raising funds after he pleaded guilty.

When TOI went to the Natekars' house in Kausa, Samir's wife, Naziya, said they had come to know of the conviction through TV . "I came to know that Farhan had pleaded guilty .I could not believe it. Later, my sister-in-law from Pune called up and confirmed it," she said.Samir was not at home.

"When Farhan was picked up from Dubai, we were shocked. We had no clue what had happened. Later, we came to know he had been deported to India on the charges being an ISIS member," added Naziya while Shaikh's younger brother Rehan, who had just returned after offering namaz, looked on. Shaikh's mother passed away when he was five years old and was raised by his matermal grandmother Mehrunisa (Naziya's mother-inlaw). Neigbours said that Shaikh's father remarried soon after his mother's death, leaving im with Mehrunisa. They said Shaikh has a elder sister, who is married and settled abroad but not in touch with the family .
While talking to TOI over the phone, Mehrunissa said, "I am in Rajasthan and I am very upset. I have not seen him for two years. I can only pray for him. My family members say everything will be okay ," Mehrunissa said that Shaikh, after having lived for 20 years in the economically underprivileged ghettos of Mumbra, landed a well-paying job in Dubai and moved there.

Naziya said Shaikh had got a job in a computer hardware development company and he often told her that his colleagues were good. "He was a reserved person and would play with my two children, I can never imagine him indulging in such activities," she said. Building residents said they had not seen Shaikh since years.

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