Friday, 20 January 2017

150 under scanner in Assam for Islamic State links

150 under scanner in Assam for Islamic State links

The Intelligence Bureau has placed under scanner 150 youth from Assam for alleged links with the Islamic State. The spread of the IS from Bangladesh to West Bengal and Assam with the help of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen is a well-known fact. Intelligence Bureau officials say that the IS has managed to spread its ideology deep into the system in West Bengal and it is attempting the same in Assam as well.

It has been found that several splinter outfits which work for the JMB and the IS combine in Assam. Signs of the IS rising in Assam were witnessed in 2016, when nearly 40 persons were arrested for their links with the terrorist outfit.

Assam has been on the radar of the IS for long. Along with West Bengal and Bangladesh, Assam forms part of the ambitious Bengal Caliphate proposed to be set up by the IS. When the Burdwan episode broke out in 2014, several operatives of the JMB were traced to Assam as well.
During questioning the accused revealed that terrorists had slipped into India through both Assam and West Bengal. There is a huge migrant population in both these states and a weak border has only made it easier for terrorists to slip in, officials say. During a recent meeting held in Guwahati, the issue relating to the IS had cropped up. It was decided that the state administration would coordinate closely with the central agencies to stem this rot before it went out of hand.

Noting that Assam has religious fundamentalists, the DGP today said that “a lot of interest has been generated in Assam in the ISIS. Hits in the internet photos of ISIS is very high in Assam”.
On being reminded that the hits on the internet may be out of curiosity about the ISIS, he said, “That kind of interest is a very small percentage”.

The report prepared with the help of the Intelligence Bureau and various state police wings which is in the possession of OneIndia states that Jammu and Kashmir faces the highest degree of threat from the ISIS followed by Assam.

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