Saturday, 17 December 2016

Telangana Youth Hamid and Gufran Deported from Turkey for Attempting to Join ISIS

Telangana youth attempting to join ISIS deported from Turkey

The duo then landed in Turkey during the earlier part of this year. They were attempting to cross over into Syria with the help of a tout of the ISIS. However they were apprehended in Turkey. They were kept in jail for four months. Once the documentation process was completed from the Indian side, they were deported in the month of October.
Upon their arrival in India, they were questioned by both officials of the Intelligence Bureau and the police. Officials of both agencies found that the duo were only attempting to join the ISIS. No offence per se had been committed and hence it was decided to counsel them.

The process of counselling is still on said an Intelligence Bureau official. We are keeping a close watch on both of them as we want to ensure that they do not turn into repeat offenders. It is clear from what they have been saying that they were radicalised online. While one of them was surfing the net, they came in contact with an online handler of the ISIS who led them on to joining the outfit. Both began discussing the issue and then decided to join the outfit, the Intelligence Bureau official also said.

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