Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Scholars attack Islamic State, terror at Eid speech in Kerala

Scholars attack Islamic State, terror at Eid speech in Kerala

KOCHI: The Id prayer in Kochi, Kozhikode and other parts of the state turned out to be an occasion for scholars to launch scat-hing attacks on the Islamic State and terrorism on Monday. Addressing the believers gathered for Id namaz at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium in Kaloor, Islamic scholar Abdul Majeed Swalahi condemned the group of people who have allegedly left the state for joining the dreaded IS.
“Religion is not something to be learned about by fleeing to some unknown place in a clandestine manner,” he said. People engaged in encouraging youngsters for such activities should be isolated from society, he said.It is a shame that people have shown allegiance to the IS which is engaged in butchering Muslims, Jews, Yazdis and others, he said. The people of Kerala and Muslim community will reject such persons, he said.
Speaking about the multi-cultural tradition of India, Dr. Swalahi said fascist forces will not be allowed tamper with the secular traditions and values of the country. In Kozhikode, believers in large numbers participated in the Id prayers in mosques and open spaces in the city. The major prayer meet was held in Kozhikode beach organised by the joint Id committee in which prominent personalities of all Muslim groups participated.   

Noted scholar Hussein Madavoor led the prayers at High school ground at Madavoor on Monday morning. In his message, Prof. Madavoor urged believes to strengthen the ties of fraternity among members of all religions. “The celebrations related to Id should help bring religious groups closer to each other,” he said.

Pointing out that Ibrahim Nabi is prophet Abraham for the Christians and all religions originated in the deserts hold him in high esteem. Moses and Jesus come in the same lineage, he said, adding that there are elements of unity in all religions. In his final speech at Mount Arafat, Prophet Muhammed Nabi himself called for peace among all. “So it is the duty of all believers to ensure peace at wherever they live,” he said.

Kill strays: Palayam Imam  
Palayam Imam Maulavi Suhaib V. P. who led the Id namaz at Chandrasekharan Nair stadium said the authorities should take steps to kill violent stray dogs. "There should be no hesitation in killing stray dogs that attack human beings,” he said in his speech. “Human life is more important than that of the dog," he said.

Thousands take part in Bakrid prayers

Reciting ‘Takbeer,’ hundreds of faithful took part in Idgahs in different places and in mosques across the district on the occasion of Bakrid on Monday. Remembering the sacrifice of Prophet Muhammed,  thousands of  believers wearing new clothes took part in the prayers and embraced one another to convey  Bakrid wishes. After the prayers, they visited the homes of the relatives to exchange pleasantries. The Idgah  held at the indoor stadium in Thrissur was led by preacher Shihab Edakkara and the prayers held at CMS School were led by Prof. K.M. Asharaf.
Women also held prayers at CMS school where the  members of  ‘Thrisivaperoor Satsang’ wished the faithful by handing over white flowers symbolising peace. Fr. Dr Francis Alappatt, Joy Theyakkanath  and Nikhil Jose of the Satsang were present. At Cheraman Juma Masjid, the first mosque to be built in India, Imam Saifuddin al-Qasimi led the prayers. Special prayers were also held at Muthuvattur Mahal Rajah Ground, at Blangad in Chavakkad, Kaipamangalam and other places.

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