Friday, 1 July 2016

Kerala 21 #9: Firooz Khan

Name: Firooz Khan
Age: 24
Provenance: Trikkaripur village, Kasargode

At Elambachi village, near Trikkaripur, 22-year-old BCom graduate Firoz’s mother still breaks down when asked about her eldest who went missing.

“He had completed a course in accountancy from Bengaluru. He left for Kozhikode in the last week of June for special prayers during Ramadan and promised to return for Eid. But on the eve of Eid, he called us from a Mumbai number to say he was not coming back.

Since then, he hasn’t contacted us,” said Firoz’s father, Habeeb Haji.
Asked about the change in his son’s life, Haji said, “He started showing more interest in religious matters after a Salafi masjid came up in the village. It was in the recent past that he started showing an unusual interest in Islam.”

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