Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Indian Muslim leader Owaisi calls ISIS supporter ' Bloody Takfiri' after told to 'shut up'

'Shut your mouth': Islamic State tells Owaisi after he slams terror group supporters on Twitter

Now, he has received a message on Twitter from an apparent supporter of the terrorist organisation cautioning him against speaking out about the Islamic State.

“Its better for you to shut your mouth on Islamic State if you don't know the truth, Islamic State will invade india soon (sic),” a Twitter handle in the name of @abotalout warned Owaisi.

The user engaged Owaisi on his Twitter profile.
However it seems Owaisi is unperturbed. He said to Deccan Chronicle that, “It is for the Almighty to decide who goes to heaven or hell. These IS murderers have no right to decide my final destination.”

"If someone tells us on Twitter that we will invade India...We will give an answer to it. India is our motherland and we will give a reply to such nonsense," Owaisi told reporters today.

Rubbishing the reported threats, he said, "We don't know in what corner of the world this person is sitting like a rat and speaking from there."
Asserting that MIM is against those against India, he said his party has been speaking against the IS for the last three years.
He also retaliated back on Twitter.
In November, the Lok Sabha member from Hyderabad said the outfit should not be linked with religion and the world should unite to fight it.
Stating that the terror group has so far massacred 1.5 lakh Muslims, Owaisi said Islamic scholars belonging to all schools of thought have given a fatwa against the Islamic State.

Do not follow ‘dogs of hell’ IS, Owaisi exhorts Muslim youth

Updated: July 10, 2016 8:58 am

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LOK SABHA MP from Hyderabad and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, who had recently faced flak for offering legal aid to the youths arrested in the city for suspected links with the Islamic State (IS), has called the IS “dogs of hell” and appealed Muslim youths not to “follow or watch ISIS activities”.

“They are spreading so much hatred…they put a 12-year-old girl for auction online. This is not about Muslim or non-Muslim. Just think for a moment what you will feel in your heart if it was your daughter. The ISIS are dogs of hell, they are cruel,’’ Owaisi said in an address to party workers at a function after Eid celebrations here Friday.

He said: “I appeal all of you youngsters not to watch the dreadful videos of ISIS. Using technology, the government is also watching those who take interest in ISIS…. You don’t need to watch ISIS.

“I tell you, do not die for Islam but live for it and humanity. Let us live like true Muslims and strengthen humanity. You youngsters should use your talent and skills to strengthen humanity and our dear country — let us strengthen it. This country does not belong to the RSS or the BJP, or Asaduddin Owaisi. It belongs to all Hindustanis.”
He also said, “If you feel like waging jihad, then instead of taking up arms, feed the poor and work for the development of people.”

Referring to the terror attack outside a mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia, Owaisi said the attack on the Prophet’s mosque was the handiwork of enemies of Islam. “The Islamic State is demonising Muslims and Islam with their activities. They are dogs of hell.”

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