Saturday, 6 February 2016

Australian deported from Delhi airport for ISIS material on laptop

India deports Australian from Delhi airport for being ISIS 'supporter'

Published Feb 6, 2016, 5:31 pm IST

 New Delhi: An Australian national, suspected to be a supporter of ISIS, has been deported back home from IGI Airport here soon after his arrival. Ahmad Fahim Bin Hamad Awang, a Malay-origin Australian youth, was first detained by security agencies when he landed at the Indira Gandhi International airport Thursday night.

After sustained questioning for a few hours at the airport, Awang was deported to Perth, official sources said.

Some jihadi literature, including ISIS propaganda materials, were allegedly recovered on his laptop, the sources said, adding photographs of him posing with firearms were also allegedly found on the laptop.

Among the photos found by security agencies was one of a bare-chested Awang brandishing an assault rifle. Another showed him sitting with a pistol on his lap, the sources claimed.

During questioning, Awang said he had come to attend a meeting in Delhi's Nizamuddin area but his replies were suspicious, the sources said.

After questioning for a few hours and scouring through the contents of Awang's laptop, security agencies decided against allowing him to enter the country and deported him to Australia in the next available flight.

The threat of 'lone wolf' attacks by ISIS supporters has been a matter of concern for security agencies in India.

A 'lone wolf' terrorist is one who indulges in violence in support of some group, movement or ideology but works alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group.

Awang's deportation comes amid a nationwide crackdown on ISIS supporters. 15 youths have been held from various cities for allegedly forming an ISIS-affiliate, called the Junood-Al-Khilafa-e-Hind, and planning terror attacks.

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