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14 ISIS suspects arrested in mega operation before Republic Day Jan 2016

Terror crackdown: In countrywide swoop, NIA picks up 14 youths

Najmul Huda
New Delhi/Mumbai: In a major anti-terror swoop across the country ahead of Republic Day, 14 youths were arrested or detained by the NIA and other security agencies in the wee hours of Friday after they allegedly formed a module on the pattern of dreaded ISIS to carry out strikes at vital installations. Explosives including pipe bombs were recovered from Hyderabad.

A possible attack may have been averted with the crackdown that came at a time when the country was in a state of heightened alert, as investigators questioned the arrested youths for possible links with the ISIS. Some of the youths are stated to be software engineers.

The raids were carried out simultaneously in five states of Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh where 14 people were "arrested or detained". They were part of a group named 'Janood-ul-Khalifa-e-Hind' (Army of Caliph of India), a terror group which has almost similar ideologies that of ISIS.

An official spokesman of the Union Home Ministry maintained that five people have been arrested "so far" and another nine have been detained while sources privy to the developments in Mumbai and Bangalore said eight people were detained besides the five arrests while one person has been let off. The sources said the eight detained people are likely to formally arrested tomorrow.

The names of all the alleged ISIS members who were arrested are as follows:
  1. Muttabir (Muddabir) Mustaq Sheikh (33) from Thane district near Mumbai,
  2. Mohammad Nafees Khan (alias Fatima Khan alias Abu Zarrar alias Akram,) 24, of Hyderabad,
  3. Mohammad Shareef Mounuddin Khan (54) of Hyderabad,
  4. Najmul Huda of Mangalore,
  5. Mohammad Afzal  (alias Abu Mariyam alias Yasir) (35), of Bangalore,
  6. Asif Ali (30), Bengalore,
  7. Mohammed Suhail alias Suhail Ahmed (30),a madrasa teacher from Bangalore,
  8. Mohammed Abdul Ahad (46) a software entrepreneur with a master’s degree from Kennedy-Western University in California, of Bengaluru,
  9. Ubed of Hyderabad,
  10. Najmul Huda (alias Manju), 25 of Mangalore,
  11. Syed Mujahid Hussain, 34, fruit merchant, Tumakuru,
  12. Mohammed Obedullah Khan (33), Hyderabad,
  13. Abu Anas (24), Hyderabad,
  14. Imran Khan Pathan, Aurangabad,
  15. Nizamuddin, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh
  16. Azhar Iqbal, 24, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Family members of some of the arrested people claimed they have nothing to do with any terror plot and that they were innocent. The NIA along with state police forces and central security agencies swooped on pre-determined areas in the wee hours of today and picked up these people, the sources said, adding they were planning to execute a terror strike.

Sheikh had designated himself as 'Ameer' (Chief) of the group and Huda as 'Ameer-e-Wyulat' (finance) and they were in touch on Internet with some persons believed to be from ISIS based in Syria, the sources said. They said the people had been under surveillance for quite sometime and the decision to arrest them was taken as the group received 'instructions' for carrying out 'some sensational' attacks in the country.

All the youths, ranging between the age group of 25 to 30, are educated with some of them having completed studies in software engineering, the sources said. The group had started receiving money through 'hawala' route and according to Home Ministry spokesman "Sheikh also received funds to the tune of Rs 6 lakh."

The raids were conducted in collaboration with police forces in all the states.


 National Investigation Agency arrested four terror suspects of ISIS/ISIL in Hyderabad on Friday morning as part of a nationwide crackdown. NIA seized explosives at Tolichowki from one of the suspects identified as Nafeez. Two others have been identified as Majeed and Ubed of Al Kareem colony in Lagarhouse.TS Director General of Police Mr Anurag Sharma confirmed to Deccan Chronicle that NIA has arrested four suspected linked to ISIS conspiracy case. He however said he couldn’t deny or confirm the seizure of the explosives.
NIA had launched a nationwide crackdown in connection with a conspiracy case booked with them RC-14/2015/NIA/DLI with Delhi branch.

A team of NIA officials from Delhi came to Hyderabad and carried searches across the city and picked up suspects from Madhapur, Masab Tank and Gachibowli. The case was registered on December 9th in 2015 as per the Ministry of Home Affairs orders by Delhi NIA. Arrests were made in three to other four States.

A CI cell official said, “they are looking for more suspects in Hyderabad,”
NIA said, “Credible information has been received by Central Government that the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Dawlah-al Islamiyah fil-Iraq wa-sh Sham (DAISH), an international terrorist organization has been engaged in radicalization of Indian Youths and motivating them to join the terrorist organization as a result of which some Indian nationals have already joined it or are in the process of joining it for committing terrorist acts in the conflict zone of Iraq, Syria and Libya. The ISIL is also contemplating to expand its activities to other parts of the world including India.”


In Karnataka, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) picked up six youths, including four from Bengaluru, for alleged links with the global terror organisation. Two of them were later arrested, the agency said.

The NIA, with the help of local police and Intelligence Bureau (IB), picked up Asif Ali, Suhail, Mohammed Afzal and Abdul Ahad, Najmul Huda from Permude village in Bajpe in Mangaluru and Syed Mujahid Hussain from Tumkaru between Thursday midnight and Friday early morning. Of the six, Afzal and Huda have been formally arrested.

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) and NIA sleuths had converged in Bengaluru, Tumakuru and Mangaluru on Thursday for the operation after informing select police officers for logistic help and to prevent a law and order situation.
“The suspects were planning terror attacks to prove their commitment to IS ideology, which is allegedly a precondition for Indian youths to join the dreaded terrorist organisation. Of the six, one was about to leave for Syria to join IS, while the other was awaiting a consignment of improvised explosive devices to carry out terror attacks in Bengaluru and other places,” Intelligence sources told this newspaper.

The operation was part of a major crackdown on IS across the country as eight others were arrested or detained in other cities for forming modules to carry out terror strikes. Three were from Mumbai, four from Hyderabad and one from Lucknow — all key cities where ISIS’ social media propaganda has been successful because of easy Internet access. Some youths were said to be software engineers. They were part of a group named “Janood-ul-Khalifa-e-Hind” (Army of Caliph of India), whose ideology is like that of IS.

All the suspects were somehow connected with one “Yusuf”, believed to be Safi Armar, a former Indian Mujahideen member. Those arrested are Muttabir Mustaq Sheikh from Thane district near Mumbai, Mohammad Nafees Khan of Hyderabad and Mohammad Shareef Moinuddin Khan of Hyderabad. Mustaq Sheikh is learnt to be the ringleader and an unaccounted Rs 6 lakh was recovered from him, which is suspected to have been transferred into his accounts through the hawala route.

Huda handled finance?

Muttabir Mustaq Sheikh from Thane district near Mumbai had designated himself as “Ameer” of the group and Najmul Huda as “Ameer-e-Wyulat” (finance). They were in touch over the Internet with some persons believed to be from ISIS based in Syria.

Qurans and mobile phones seized

Terror suspect from Tumakuru, Syed Mujahid Hussain (33) is a wholesale fruit merchant. Syed Mujahid Hussain is the only son of Syed Hussain, a retired assistant tahsildar and a retired school teacher of Poor House colony in Tumakuru city. His father claimed that his son is innocent.He also accused the NIA of searching their house without a search warrant. He alleged that they seized four Qurans, photographs, photo albums, news papers, four mobile phones and Rs.3 33 lakh in cash. 

The suspect picked from Mangaluru is 25-year-old diploma holder.
Sources in the police told The Hindu that Najmul Huda was secured from his residence in Permude village, near Bajpe, within Mangaluru police commissionerate limits. Huda, son of a Moulvi in the local mosque, had completed diploma in polymer technology from government Karnataka Polytechnic in Mangaluru. Though he joined RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, to pursue BE in chemical engineering, he left the course halfway and came back to Mangaluru, sources said.The NIA personnel were completing certain formalities and preliminary inquiry is on in Mangaluru.

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