Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Islamic State allegedly refers to the Dadri beef murder incident, calls Indian PM Modi right wing Hindu nationalist who is preparing his people for a future war against Muslims

The Islamic State has vowed to expand the jihadist organisation’s war against India, citing apocalyptic religious prophecies which talks of a global war that will precede the return of the Mahdi, or redeemer, who will rid the world of evil and pave the way for the day of judgment. The threat is made in a new, Black Flags from the Islamic State, a manifesto released online on jihadist platforms on Tuesday.

“The Islamic State would now expand beyond Iraq and Syria”, Black Flags states. “It would now expand into… India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan [and several other countries]”.

For the first time in an Islamic State publication, the organisation offers an analysis of the political situation in India. It notes that “a movement of Hindus is growing who kill Muslims who eat beef. The people who fund these organisations want to grow a huge following of Islam-haters who can turn into potential recruits for future wars in their countries”.

It states that “President Narender Modi [sic.] is a right wing Hindu nationalist who worships weapons and is preparing his people for a future war against Muslims.”
“They have a political wing for the propaganda to get more recruits, and armed militias who can start a terror campaign against their number 1 enemy—the Muslims,” the book states. Future Islamic State battles, the book claims, “will rage in every country, and this is why there is over one and a half billion Muslims in the world. They will fight the New World Order in every land and every place. The peak of this war against the New World Order will be the battle against al-Dajjal (the Antichrist)”.

The alleged ISIS post refers to the Dadri murder

“You will be sucked into the New World Order if you stay in your comfort zone and accept submission to the oppressors, or you can emigrate and fight to defend your religion and your life.” In the book, the Islamic State describes its theory of how insurgencies against regimes can be developed, and gives supporters detailed instructions on how to build covert cells, build explosives, and maintain operational secrecy to defeat security service surveillance.

The Islamic State’s strategy, the book states, is to “do hit-and-run tactics and then go into hiding so [the world] can waste millions or billions of Euros on 100,000+police, investigators, and it can shut down its major cities and lose its money”. It notes that the recent terror shutdown cost Belgium Euros 53 million per day. “For what”, the book goes on? “To hunt 20 people who have basic AK-47 rifles which cost a few thousand dollars maximum.”
Future attacks, it states, “will make groups in the West attack Islam and the Muslims in Europe forcing Muslims in the West to pick up weapons and start to fight back to defend themselves too. Then a jihad will begin in Europe like it did in Iraq, and this book gives guidance.”
Key to building successful covert cells, the book states, is recruiting only individuals whose commitment can be vouched for, and not using electronic devices.
Paris massacre perpetrator Abdelhamid Abaaoud, it states, did not use phones or e-mail to communicate with other members of the cell which carried out the plot.
The book, interestingly, contains several miracle stories, purported to have been witnessed by Islamic State members, promising paradise to those killed while waging jihad.

Islamist State fighter Abu Abd ar Rahman at-Turki, it states, charged at the enemy, saying “I am seeing the hoor! I am seeing the hoor!” He was shot by a tank shell, “yet he was still reassuring the brothers and would always raise his vision upwards telling them that he is seeing the hoor coming, and that they should keep firm because this is the path of jannah (paradise).”
“We smelled musk coming out of him and saw peace on his face. This smell of musk from the mujahidin would be something that was smelt regularly.”


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