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Which Indian city is most prone to ISIS threat?

Which Indian city is most prone to ISIS threat?

New Delhi, Sept 26: Which city is most prone to the ISIS in India. Which state in India faces the biggest threat from the ISIS? Chinchwad in Maharashtra is the most prone city to the ISIS threat while in the list of states it is Jammu and Kashmir. Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged yesterday that the greatest threat was from the ISIS. While the threat is being faced across the world with scores of youth being radicalized, India too faces a potential problem from the terrorist group.

The report prepared with the help of the Intelligence Bureau and various state police wings which is in the possession of OneIndia states that Jammu and Kashmir faces the highest degree of threat from the ISIS followed by Assam.
Which state is most prone to the ISIS threat?
According to the analysis done by the Home Ministry based on the inputs provided by the Intelligence Bureau and various other states, the highest degree of threat from the ISIS is in Jammu and Kashmir. The incidents recently where flags were waved and ISIS like fatwas issued are all matters of concern.
The National Security Advisor concerned with the situation had even visited Jammu and Kashmir recently to take stock of the happenings.
The state next on the ISIS radar is Assam. There could be a spill out from Bangladesh and several youth in the state could be probe to the threat, the report also states. Assam is followed by Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and then West Bengal.
Intelligence Bureau officials say that there is a situation that is being created in these states which have always been a target of Islamic terrorists in the past. While one off cases have been reported from other states, the states mentioned above need to be careful as the danger of a mass movement looms large.
Cities most prone to the ISIS threat:
Among the cities or towns that are most probe to the ISIS threat are Chinchwad in Maharashtra. Howrah comes next followed by Srinagar, Guwahati and Mumbai.

This comes as quite a surprise as it would have been the common belief that a major city would have been high on the radar. There is an undercurrent in smaller towns and cities which could pose a major threat from the ISIS.
The list was prepared based on the browsing patterns in all cities and towns. It was found that the above mentioned towns and cities faced the highest degree of threat from the ISIS. Very often smaller towns miss the radar of the Intelligence Bureau.

However following this report all the police departments in the states have been advised to keep an extra vigil on smaller towns as well. The ISIS does not look to target people from major cities alone, the report reveals.
Who is viewing the ISIS propaganda?
The report of the home ministry further goes on to state those viewing the ISIS material on the web are those in the age group of 16 and 30. The highest number of surfers on the net relating to the ISIS are in this age group. There are very few persons above the age group of 30 who view ISIS related material in India, the report also suggests.
Most of the material that is being viewed relating to the ISIS is on the social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the most watched for ISIS material, the survey also reveals. The Home Ministry says that the biggest threat emerges from online platforms and the youth spend a considerable amount of time viewing material relating to the ISIS.

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