Thursday, 17 September 2015

Keralite Hindu deported to Trivandrum for pro-IS views

Update :There is a second Hindu in the group, bringing the total number of deported Hindus to 2. According to some sources, both of them are from Malappuram, a Muslim majority district of Kerala.

The Punalur native is an Indian Hindu

Following the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UAE, a group of 10 men have been successively deported in batches to India for their pro-IS views. One of them is Punalur (Kollam) native with a Hindu background. He has been described as a "core member" of the group.

Four youths were taken into custody the other day for their suspected links with Riyab Ul Rehman, when they arrived at Thiruvananthapuram, Karipur airports. Two of them landed at the Thiruvananthapuram airport on Tuesday morning in Etihad flight. The other two, Kozhikode native Riyas Ali (40) and Malappuram native Salim (28), arrived at the Karipur airport. Their IS links were not confirmed in the interrogation.

Kollam native Anas (22) and Punalur native Aromal Sadanandan (24) were taken into custody in Thiruvananthapuram. They had been deported from Abu Dhabi for their suspected IS links.

Sadanandan was one of the recipients of the messages being circulated on social networking platforms and he too had, on occasions, forwarded the “radical content” to others. The deportees were part of an online circle of 10 friends who had links with a 20-year-old Keralite, who is believed to have joined the ranks of the Islamist group in Syria. Investigators said this youth, a college dropout, “disappeared” in April from Ras al-Khaima. His father, a white-collar worker, was employed in the Emirates for years. 

The youth had done his schooling there and his visits, if any, to Kerala were few and far between.
While the four youths were deported on Tuesday, three others had come back from the UAE of their own volition last week. Three more were deported in the first week of September. 

“All these men are in the 19-24 age-group and are second generation Keralites living in the UAE. They were engaged in small jobs like repairing mobile phones and selling SIM cards,” said a senior Home Ministry official.

Lured by money ?

The Kerala police has learnt that some of the youth including two Hindu youth from Mallapuram were contacted by recruiters of the ISIS. They were told that they would get them high paying jobs and also give them money if they visited Syria. In some of the cases it was found that this was just a trap that was being laid to recruit more youth into their fold.

Once in Syria, the youth would either be told to join the ISIS or forced into it. There would be very little choice that these youth would have, an officer with the Kerala police informed OneIndia. Investigations have also revealed that several persons both Muslims and Hindus were in touch with the ISIS recruiters.

Although not many have bitten the bait, the danger still lurks, the officer said. If any person has shown interest on his own due to ideological factors then the job of the recruiter is made easy. Apart from those who are willing to join the ISIS, the recruiters are also looking for others as well. The officer said that recruiters just pick up names in random and make lucrative offers to them.

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