Monday, 7 September 2015

Kerala Al Nusra fighter denies Islamic State links, clarifies Al Nusra/Al Qaeda allegiance

After incorrectly claiming that the Keralite journalist Abu Thahir was a member of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham as the Islamic State was formerly known), the journalist has put to rest specualtion by denouncing ISIS as "Khawarijis" in an Facebook post.

Thahir, who worked with Malayalam-language channel Janam TV (People TV) in Qatar, also stated his belief in the transliterated Malayalam post that ISIS kills Muslims unlawfully and that they practised Takfir (to declare a Muslim a kuffar).

"I am in Al Qaeda's Syrian wing Jabhat Al Nusra."
"I give my Bayah (allegiance) to [Al Qaeda leader] Sheikh Ayman al Zawahiri," he wrote.

He signed off his discourse as "Snehapoorvam sahodaran"
(Affectionate brother).

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