Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hyderabadi IS recruiter Afsha Jabeen AKA Nicky Joseph deported from the UAE

Afsha Jabeen AKA Nicky Joseph
Islamic State (IS) recruiter Afsha Jabeen, better known by her online alias Nicky Jospeh, has been arrested at Rajiv Ghandhi Airport in Hyderabad following her deportation from Dubai on the night of September 10.

Hailing from Hyderabad, the 37-year old convert was deported along with her husband Devender Batra alias Mustafa and her three daughters.

“She is an associate of Salman Mohiuddin, an Hyderabad based engineer who studied in US and got arrested in January 2015 for suspected links with Islamic State,” said a senior police official. Mohiuddin was trying to fly to Syria via Dubai to join ISIS. The father-of-two allegedly had romantic intentions with Jabeen and wanted to elope with her to Syria, to join the Islamic State.

Salman Mohinuddin
Jabeen first came to media attention in January 2015 when her alleged lover Moinuddin was arrested by Telangana police at the airport. Moinuddin, who has a Master of Science degree from a Houston university, planned to marry his Dubai based lover and fellow IS recruiter Nicky Joseph, the British national alias under which Jabeen was operating from.

They planned to elope to Syria, leaving behind their respective families. During his interrogation he mentioned her Facebook account as an influence for his decision to go to Syria.

The Indian security agency soon contacted their British counterpart and inquired about the details of Nicky but after a thorough investigation they came to the understanding that Nicky Joseph is none other than Jabeen, who was operating the Facebook account from UAE.

After coming to know that Jabeen is somewhere in UAE, the investigators in India contacted authorities in UAE and alerted them. The UAE security agencies soon picked up her scent and eventually deported her.

"Today, on credible information, Afsha Jabeen is taken into custody at RGI Airport, when she arrived from Dubai. As she is a co-accused in Salman's case, she is arrested and produced in the court. Further inquiry is going on," Hyderabad police said in a press release.

Jabeen and Moinuddin allegedly used social media to attract youth from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar and other states towards the the banned terror outfit.

Personal history

Jabeen lived part of her childhood in Abu Dhabi and finished her schooling there. She returned to India and graduated from Shadan college in Hyderabad before marrying Devender Kumar alias Mustafa.

Salman had earlier said that he had met a lady during his stay in the US and identified her as Nicky Joseph alias Nicky alias Nicole alias Ayesha, a British national and a neo-Muslim based in Dubai with a fundamentalist leaning towards Islam, the officials said.

In 2014, after the establishment of the caliphate in Iraq and Syria, Salman and Nicky started taking interest in development activities of the Islamic State. They created various Facebook groups under pseudo names and started attracting people who were interested in IS, it is alleged.

This is the second extradition since Prime Minister Modi's visit to the UAE in August, where both  the countries  pledged to assist each other in battling terrorism.

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