Wednesday, 30 September 2015

1800 Arrest Warrants against Indian citizens by Syrian Intelligence - Oppositon Media

A pro-opposition newspaper in Syria has published what it calls is a trove of documents and warrants issued by the security apparatuses of the Syrian government for the arrest of nationals from 153 nations, including India.

Although the source is extremely questionable in its credibility, the Zaman Al Wasl electronic newspaper claims to have unearthed 524,416 arrest orders for nationals from 153 nations. Stating that the ZAW team will "successively publish the warrants and documents," the article which was posted on the 29th of September has had no updates as of October 1.

What is interesting that more Indians are allegedly indicted than Pakistanis, despite the fact that more Pakistanis have fought in Syria than have Indian nationals. The number of Indian nationals thought to have joined the Islamic State is 17, with 6 of them claimed to be dead. The number does not include Indians who have joined other groups such as Jabhat Al Nusra.

If the documents are authentic, the bulk of the 1800 Indian citizens allegedly indicted by Syrian agencies are likely to be anti-regime proponents rather than actual fighters. 

ISIS and India does not vouch for the authenticity of the details provided below.

The warrants had been issued by most intelligence branches, including Air Force Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Political Security, Interior Ministry, Defense Ministry, Military Court, Military Police and other security services.

The initial data as following:

- 1672,972 Warrants
- 524,416 Arrest Warrants
- 1,810 warrants against Indian citizens.
- 1,015 warrants against Pakistani citizens.

- 60,000 warrants against Iraqi citizens.

- 45,000 warrants against Lebanese citizens.

- 28,000 warrants against Palestinian citizens.

- 11,000 warrants against Egyptian citizens.

- 9,000 warrants against Jordanian citizens.

- 6,000 warrants against Saudi citizens.

- 6,000 warrants against Sudanese citizens.

- 3,000 warrants against Yemeni citizens.

- 4,260 warrants against Turkish citizens.

- 1,998 warrants against Iranian citizens.

  1,273 warrants against American citizens.

- 1,178 warrants against Filipino citizens.

- 1,145 warrants against Russian citizens.

- 679 warrants against German citizens.

- 79 warrants against Israelis.

10,220 warrants against Gulf Arab State's citizens


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